Wednesday, 26 September 2007

payback time

It's September. I could go on about the various trees changing colour and the daylength rapidly shortening, but there's something more important on my agenda at the moment.
It now appears that all that extra work I was doing in the Spring has simply landed me in the Benefits Trap - by earning more, I am actually losing out. I seem to owe more for rent, council tax and overpaid housing benefit than I actually earned... and that's before factoring in the hours of writing letters, filling in forms, phoning and sending yet more evidence, and detailed accounts of everything I did to check if their figures add up. I'm working on yet more letters and forms this morning. It's just as well my new modelling job was cancelled due to a flood in the Art Department yesterday.
More interesting posts to come soon, I hope. I'd like to keep this blog up - even if no-one reads it apart from myself and one or two regular admirers...